Robert Plant – Morning Dew (2002)

Robert Plant – Morning Dew (2002)

‘Dreamland’ = 211 (Primes), is English rock singer Robert Plant’s seventh solo album and the first with his band Strange Sensation. It was released in July 2002. Robert Plant covered the song ‘Morning Dew’ = 888 (Reverse Sumerian) & 174 (Francis Bacon), on his 2002 album Dreamland.

“Morning Dew”, also known as “(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew”, is a contemporary folk song by Canadian singer-songwriter Bonnie Dobson. The lyrics relate a fictional conversation in a post-nuclear holocaust world. The song is a dialogue between the last man and woman left alive following an apocalyptic catastrophe.

Dobson stated that the inspiration for “Morning Dew” was the film On the Beach, which is about the survivors of virtual global annihilation by nuclear holocaust. Dobson wrote the song while staying with a friend in Los Angeles; she recalled how the guests at her friend’s apartment were speculating about a nuclear war’s aftermath and “after everyone went to bed, I sat up and suddenly I just started writing this song [although] I had never written [a song] in my life”.

Masonic “Born-To-Be” Network: (Robert Plant)
NOTE: Judaism/Masonic Gematria Birth Name Coding

Name: ‘Robert Plant’ = 51 (Full Reduction) & 51 (Single Reduction)
Full Birth Name: ‘Robert Anthony Plant’ = 223 (Jewish Ordinal) & 71 (Chaldean)
Surname: ‘Plant’ = 530 (Trigonal)

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