The Beat – Save It for Later (1982)

The Beat – Save It for Later (1982)

“Save It for Later” is a 1982 song written and recorded by ‘The Beat’ = 33 (Septenary), known in the United States and Canada as ‘The English Beat’ = 51 (Chaldean) & 223 (KFW Kabbalah). The song was released as a single from the band’s third and final studio album, Special Beat Service, finding moderate chart success in Britain.

Written by Beat guitarist ‘Dave Wakeling’ = 51 (Full Reduction), before the band was founded, the song nearly went unreleased due to opposition from bassist David Steele. After pressure from Wakeling and the record company, the song was ultimately recorded for the band’s third album. The song has since become one of the band’s most famous tracks and has been featured in various soundtracks and compilation albums.

“Save It for Later” is also notable for its unique tuning, which was achieved accidentally. The track’s lyrics highlight the suggestive double-entendre of the song’s title.

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NOTE: Judaism/Masonic Gematria Birth Name Coding

Goes by Name Coding:
Dave Wakeling = 51 (Full Reduction)

Birth Certificate Name Coding:
David Wakeling = 47 (Septenary) & 174 (Francis Bacon)

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