Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll (1971)

Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll (1971)

“Rock and Roll” is a song by English rock band Led Zeppelin, which was first released as the second track from the band’s fourth album in 1971. The song includes a guest appearance by the Rolling Stones pianist Ian Stewart. In 1972 Robert Christgau called it “simply the most dynamic hard-rock song in the music.”

According to guitarist Jimmy Page, “Rock and Roll” developed from a spontaneous jam session, while the band were trying to finish recording “Four Sticks”, at the Headley Grange mansion they had rented in Hampshire, England. John Bonham began by playing the drum introduction from the Little Richard song “Keep A-Knockin'” to which Page added a Chuck Berry-style guitar riff. The tapes were rolling and fifteen minutes later the basis of the song was completed. The song is performed in the key of A at a relatively fast tempo of 170 beats per minute.

Unfortunately in 2001, “Rock and Roll” became the first Led Zeppelin song to be licensed for commercial use, when American car maker Cadillac featured it in television advertising.

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